For each Committee and Council meeting an agenda is produced. The agenda sets out information relating to the meeting – where it will be held, the time the meeting will start, the items of business to be considered and also the order in which they will be discussed.

Certain items of business listed on the agenda will be supported by an officer report, which sets out detailed information on the item - the background of the issue, why action needs to be taken and an officer's recommendation on what action they think Council should take.

Agendas and reports are made available for public inspection prior to meetings taking place. An electronic copy is published on our website and is usually available the Friday before the meeting is held.


After each meeting has taken place, minutes are produced that provide a record of the meeting – who attended, business that was discussed and recommendations / decisions that were made. Minutes are also published on our website.

Please allow seven days following a Committee meeting and fourteen days following a Council meeting for minutes to be available.

For information regarding copies of archived minutes not available on the City website, please contact the Minute Officer on 9550 3787.

Agendas and Minutes Archive

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