Rangers monitor parking including safety around our schools and city centre to ensure the safe flow of traffic. They also arrange the removal of abandoned vehicles in public areas and respond to illegal off road vehicle use. Our safe parking guidelines will help you avoid unnecessary infringements.

Parking and vehicle information


Parking in Mandurah is free, however some parking stations and streets have time limits and is indicated by signage. It is the drivers responsibility to park safely and adhere to parking requirements.

No stopping signs:

Vehicles must not stop in these areas unless required by an authorised person or traffic control device.

No parking signs:

Vehicles may stop to immediately pick up or drop off goods or persons. The driver must not move away from the vehicle any more than 3 metres and must not stay in the No Parking area for more than 2 minutes.

Loading zones:

You cannot stop a vehicle in a loading zone unless it is:

  • Used for commercial or trade purposes in the continuous collection or delivery of goods; or
  • Taking longer than the time indicated on the 'loading zone' sign or 30 minutes (if no time is indicated) to drop off or collect passengers  

ACROD Parking:

These bays are for people with disabilities and issued with an ACROD permit, which must be current and fully visible. ACROD permit holders are given twice the amount of time shown on the sign.

Parking at The Forum Shopping Centre:

Restrictions apply. The Forum security staff have the authority to issue fines for parking offences in the Centre's car park.  

Parking in Mandurah Ocean Marina (South):

Did you know there are five all day/all night, untimed car parks within six minutes walk of the Marina? View the parking map here.

Parking time limits:

Parking stations and some streets have sign posted time limits. A vehicle must leave the area after the time limit and not return before a 2 hour period has elapsed.   Moving a vehicle within the same parking area or facility to avoid time detection is an offence.

Parking with no time limits:

Vehicles must not stay in excess of 24 hours without approval from the City (otherwise they may be deemed as abandoned).

Stopping at carriageways or intersecting roads:

Vehicles are not to stop within 10 metres of the carriageway at an intersecting road unless required to do so by an authorised person.

Facing oncoming traffic:

Vehicles must park facing the same direction as the traffic flow.

Footpaths and pedestrian crossings:

Vehicles must not park on or over any footpath or pedestrian crossing.

No stopping - pedestrian crossings, bus stop or railway crossing:

Pedestrian vehicles are not to stop within 18 metres of these locations unless required to do so by an authorised person or traffic control device.

No stopping - departure side of a pedestrian crossing, bus stop or railway crossing:

Vehicles are not to stop within 9 metres at the above locations unless required to do so by an authorised person or traffic control device.

Parking within marked bays:

Vehicles must park within a marked bay. Where the vehicle or trailer is longer than the bay, it must be parked in no more than two bays.

Display vehicle for sale or effect repairs:

Vehicles are not permitted to be parked on a street or parking facility if the vehicle is exposed for sale or for the purpose of effecting repairs to it, other than the minimum repairs necessary to enable the vehicle to be safely moved.

Parking on verges:

You must not park on a verge without the consent of the owner or occupier. You cannot stop a vehicle (other than a bicycle), bus, trailer or caravan unattached to a motor vehicle when any portion of it is on a verge. This does not apply to the person if they are the owner or occupier of the premises or are authorised by the owner or occupier of the premises to stop the vehicle with any portion of it on the verge.

This does not apply to commercial vehicles being loaded or unloaded for reasonable purposes (but not for any period exceeding 3 hours), provided no obstruction is caused to any vehicle or person using a carriageway or path.

A vehicle that is left unattended and stationary on any public land may be deemed to be abandoned. 

What can be done if I see an abandoned vehicle?

The details of the vehicle and location can be reported to the City of Mandurah Ranger Services.

Rangers will attend and place a sticker on the vehicle requesting it is removed within 24 hours. If it is not removed it will be towed to the impound facility at the vehicle owners expense.

Contact Ranger Services on 9550 3777 to advise of an abandoned vehicle.

Report an abandoned vehicle

A person shall not park a vehicle or any combination of vehicles that is 7.5 metres or more in length or exceeds a GVM of 4.5 tonnes on a:

  • carriageway in a built-up area, for any period exceeding one hour, unless engaged in the picking up or setting down of goods; or 
  • carriageway outside a built-up area, except on the shoulder of the carriageway, or in a truck bay or other area set aside for the parking of heavy and long vehicles. 

No licensed or unlicensed commercial vehicle should be parked or remain stationery for more than two hours on any land zoned Residential, Urban Development, Canal, Rural Residential or City Centre Development, where the predominant land use is residential unless:

  • it is housed in a domestic garage or domestic outbuilding or, 
  • the vehicle is being used in connection with building, construction works or any other use approved by Council for that land; 
  • Council has issued a planning approval permitting the parking of such a vehicle.
Commercial parking permit information

ACROD Parking Permits are managed through the National Disability Services ACROD Parking Program. You can apply for a permit and report lost ones through their website.

Please Note: ACROD Parking Permits are not assessed or approved by Ranger Services.

Visit the Acrod Parking Program website

When a vehicle is impounded, City Officers contact the last known registered owner to advise of the vehicle's whereabouts. Should the owner wish to reclaim their vehicle, they will be required to pay the necessary fee prior to release. An infringement may be issued. 

Vehicle Impound Fees

$165 Day one (includes recovery of towing costs) plus $37 per day thereafter

All fees can be paid at the City of Mandurah Administration Offices or by direct arrangement with a Ranger out of business hours.

View Impounded Vehicles

Visit the impounded vehicles page for currently impounded vehicles.

View impounded vehicles

The use of trail bikes, quads and other off-road vehicles is prohibited on public land in the City of Mandurah. Trail riding on beaches, foreshores and bushland is also prohibited. These activities should be reported to Ranger Services immediately on 9550 3777.

Riding on private property is allowed provided you have written permission from the land owner and is restricted to 2 hours per day.

Riding unlicensed vehicles on the road or footpath is extremely dangerous and should be reported to police immediately on 131 444 or via Crime Stoppers online.

How do I pay a parking infringement?

Parking infringements can be paid online or in person at one of the following locations.

  • City of Mandurah Administration Building
  • Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre

How do I appeal a parking infringement?

It is a legal requirement that all appeals be submitted in writing.

You can do this in the following ways:

Please include copies of any receipts, permits and information relevant to your claim.

The City's Parking Officers patrol school zones daily to encourage the safe flow of traffic.

Common complaints at schools are stopping/parking: 

  • Within 10 metres of an intersection
  • In No Stopping or No Parking areas
  • On footpaths
  • Blocking driveways
  • On verges without consent of the owner/occupier of the adjoining property
  • In bus bays
  • Alongside legally parked vehicles (double parking)
  • Facing oncoming traffic
The Department of Education is responsible for the number of parking bays available in school grounds.
View the parking around schools brochure

Helpful documents

Parking brochure (PDF - 1.2MB)
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Safe Parking Guidelines (PDF - 223.5KB)
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Parking around schools (PDF - 1.1MB)
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Mandurah Ocean Marina south parking map (PDF - 977.1KB)
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Commercial Vehicle Parking (PDF - 65.2KB)
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