A key focus of the 2022/23 budget is on continuing the momentum of the last two years.

We are focusing on maintaining our assets by ensuring our much-loved places and spaces can be enjoyed for the years to come. Another priority is preparing for and investing in our future by delivering and supporting projects, events, programs and initiatives that diversify our economy, connect our community, protect our environment, and support a healthy-active Mandurah.

We have continued to set our eyes firmly on the road ahead and deliver for our community according to our shared vision for Mandurah. This budget sets us up to deliver a bright future for our city, and keep the momentum going as we make exciting progress in the years to come.

With a reworked capital works program, prioritising the most important and impactful projects, and a reduction in operating expenses, we are able to deliver more for the community with less. 

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Transform Mandurah

$4.1 million to deliver Transform Mandurah initiatives which will reinvigorate our economy and deliver a bright future for our City with funds allocated towards:

  • Waterfront redevelopment and Western Foreshore commercial space
  • Attracting private sector investment and skilled people to Mandurah
  • Delivering and supporting education programs for people of all ages
  • Supporting hospitality and tourism initiatives including Yalgorup National Park, Trails and Visit Mandurah.
Events and City Centre Activations

$2.4 million to deliver an iconic Events and City Centre activations program for locals and visitors to enjoy including:

  • Christmas in Mandurah (Pageant, Lights Trail and more)
  • New Years Eve Fireworks
  • Australia Day Celebrations
  • Crab Fest
  • Mandurah Arts Festival and Wearable Art Mandurah
  • Winter events program (Ice Skating and ticketed events)
  • Attraction and support of external events
Economic Grants

Investments to support local businesses through an extensive economic grants program which aim to:

  • Encourage businesses to expand in Mandurah
  • Support local job creation, industry diversification and business sustainability
  • Our economic grants include; Ready Now, Grow Now, Invest Now, and Activate Now
Suburban Parks and Foreshores

Renewals to our suburban parks and foreshores including:

  • Kangaroo Paw Park
  • Falcon Reserve
Community and Social Development

$2.2 million to support community and social development initiatives including projects, leadership and advocacy in:

  • Homelessness
  • Access and Inclusion
  • Reconciliation
  • Arts and Culture
  • Community safety and wellbeing
  • Community capacity building
Community Grants

$330,000 towards a Community Grants Program which funds projects, creative ideas and events that enhance the local community. This includes the Community Assistance Fund, Community Partnership Fund, Murdoch University Scholarships, Nikki Wise Memorial Fund.

Facility programs and activities

$8 million investment in our community facilities with funds allocated to maintain and deliver an extensive program of activities for people of all ages at our libraries, Seniors Centre, museum, Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah (CASM), Youth Centre and the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

Waste and Recycling

Investments toward waste and recycling services and education including:

  • Waste Management Centre
  • Residential bin collections (general waste and recycling)
  • Verge collections (green waste and junk/metals)
  • Partnership with Cleanaway to deliver waste services
Tree Management

Tree management and protection programs including initiatives to increase urban tree canopy.

Natural Area Management Plans

$17.7 million to manage our coastlines, bushland and reserves by implementing and actioning natural area management plans. This includes the maintenance of:

  • Over 100 natural area sites including Tims Thicket & Marlee Reserve
  • Approx. 100km of coastal dunes & foreshores
  • Over 350 parks & gardens
Marine Infrastructure and Waterways

$1.2 million allocated to maintain and manage the Marina, marine infrastructure and our waterways. This includes:

  • Mandurah Ocean Marina precinct
  • Marine infrastructure including boat pens, jetties, boat ramps, lighting, security systems, access ways etc.
  • Coastal protection structures (groins & seawalls)
  • Seaweed removal, sand bypassing, dredging & canal management
Environmental Programs and Initiatives

$3.5 million investment on a broad range of programs and initiatives to ensure our environment is protected and nurtured including:

  • Waterwise & energy efficiency initiatives
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Landscaping services
  • Support to 17x environmental volunteer groups
  • Hosting events such as National Tree Day, clean up days etc.
Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre

$7.8 million investment in our Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre including:

  • Maintaining 3x pools, wellness centre, foyer, gymnasium, group fitness spaces, 6x basketball courts, café, bathroom amenities & more.
  • Delivering services for the 780,000 visitors per year
  • Hosting a range of programs and activities (aquatic, sports, health & fitness)
  • Café & customer services operations
  • Support to sporting clubs and groups through Club Connect
Sporting Grounds and Reserves

$1.8 million towards maintenance and upkeep of over 20 district and regional level sporting grounds and associated facilities such as:

  • Lakelands Park Sporting Facility & District Open Space
  • Meadow Springs Sports Facility
  • Peelwood Oval & Bortolo Reserve
  • Rushton Park & Thompson St Netball Courts
  • Falcon Reserve & Skate Park
  • BMX Track at Milgar Reserve
Outdoor Recreational Places and Spaces

Funds allocated towards improving our outdoor recreational places and spaces with investments in:

  • New linkages on our bridge-to-bridge coastal path
  • Finishing works at the Falcon Bay Foreshore
  • New paddling and cycling trails around Mandurah
  • Kayak Launching pad in Riverside Gardens
Health Management

Investments in health management initiatives for our community including management of mosquitos, noise, dust and food inspections, water monitoring, contaminated sites and more.

Maintaining our $1.3 billion asset portfolio including:

  • Roads and car parks
  • Bridges
  • Canals
  • Traffic management
  • Engineering and technical services

As part of organisational excellence, we deliver the below as a place making Local Government agency:

  • Building and planning assessments
  • Leasing and property management
  • Administering local laws
  • Governance and business support
  • Surveying services
  • Financial management services
  • Business systems services
  • Contract management
  • Information and communication technology
  • Human resources services

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