The City of Mandurah is made up of 18 suburbs from Madora Bay in the north to Clifton in the south.

Suburb Profiles

Largely a rural residential area bounded by the Indian Ocean to the west and the Peel-Harvey Estuary to the east, Bouvard includes the suburb of Parkridge which is situated between the Old Coast Road and the estuary.

The locality of Bouvard includes the northernmost extremity of Yalgorup National Park and the northern shores of Lake Clifton.

Clifton is a rural locality on the western side of Lake Clifton, 35km south of Mandurah. The significance of Clifton is its location between the Indian Ocean and Lake Clifton, which forms part of the internationally significant Ramsar Wetlands and the Yalgorup lakes system.
Coodanup is bounded by Pinjarra Road in the north, the Serpentine River in the east, Peel Inlet in the south and by Wanjeep Street, Coodanup Drive and the Mandurah Bypass in the west. 

The meaning and derivation of 'Coodanup' is unknown although H.W. Bunbury, in his book 'Early Days in WA' (1836), gives 'Colanup' as the Aboriginal name for the mouth of the Serpentine River. This area was subdivided as 'Coodanup Park Estate' 1956. Coodanup is believed to mean place of the cooing swans in Noongar.

Templetonia Park
Situated on Steerforth Drive, Coodanup. This name was proposed by the City of Mandurah after the official floral emblem of Mandurah, Templetonia Retusa.
Beacham Reserve
Bordered by Beacham Street, Wanjeep Street and Broun Road, Coodanup. Name commemorates the Beacham family whose forebears were pioneers in the Peel Region during the 1850s. The Beacham family is still represented in community work in Mandurah

Located between the Peel-Harvey Estuary and the Indian Ocean south of the Dawesville Channel and east of the Old Coast Road. This includes Southport, which is part of the Port Bouvard canal development bordering the Dawesville Cut.

Dudley Park is bounded by the Pinjarra Road, Boundary Road, the Mandurah Bypass and Coodanup Drive in the north, Wanjeep Street in the east, Peel Inlet in the south and the Mandurah Estuary in the west.

This suburb now has both canal and dry land housing developments, and is only minutes from Mandurah’s CBD. This suburb puts everything at your fingertips including foreshore, shops, town centre beaches and transport.

Erskine is bounded by Old Coast Road and the Mandurah Bypass in the north, the Mandurah Estuary in the east, Peel Inlet in the south and the Falcon suburb boundary in the west.

It features Mandurah Quay Resort and Function Centre, a lifestyle village, retirement villages, Erskine Shopping Centre, Galbraith Loop Commercial Centre and the Novara boat ramp.

The locality of Falcon straddles the neck of land between the Indian Ocean to the west and the Peel-Harvey Estuary to the east, its southern boundary abutting Wannanup and its northern boundary abutting Halls Head (Seascapes) and Erskine. Falcon includes Avalon Beach, Cox Bay, Falcon Bay, Pelican Point, Miami, Novara Beach and Pleasant Grove.

A community hub on both sides of Old Coast Road forms a district centre comprising shopping centres, medical facilities and support services, cafes and restaurants, a sports oval and pavilion and the Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre. Falcon Family Centre also provides a range of services, programs and activities for parents and early years children and is located on Linville Street.

This suburb is named after 'Greenfields Estate', a promotional developers name used for the area in 1980. It was previously known as Goegrup, East Mandurah and Riverside Gardens.

Greenfields comprises several other smaller communities including Country Roads, Norfolk Gardens, Riverside Gardens, Central Park and is home to many retirement and lifestyle communities such as Lady Brand Village and St Ives.

It has a local shopping centre, three primary schools and two high schools, Peel Education Campus, and Peel Health Campus, several ovals including Bortolo Reserve.

Halls Head is named after Henry Hall who was granted land in the area in the 1830s. The suburb was officially named in 1970, but had been locally known by the name for some years previously.

Halls Head is bounded by the Indian Ocean in the north and west, the Mandurah Estuary in the east, and the Mandurah Bypass, Old Coast Road and a line north of Vanessa Road in the south. A large suburb, Halls Head includes localities of Old Halls Head and Seascapes and several landmarks including Robert Point, Doddies Beach, Blue Bay, Polleys Hole and Mandurah Country Club.

Halls Head is a district centre with large shopping centres, medical and ancillary facilities, a community sports stadium, community recreation centre, high school and four primary schools.

Herron is a rural and rural residential suburb that is bounded by the Peel-Harvey Estuary to the east and Yalgorup National Park to the north and the west.

Herron’s southern extremity, and that of the City of Mandurah’s local government area, borders the Shire of Waroona.

Lakelands is bounded by the City of Rockingham boundary in the north, Stock Road in the east, Kwinana Freeway in the south and Fremantle Road in the west.

The estate has a natural beauty of two lakes, a wetland and a central parkland. Future development includes a town centre with a major supermarket and specialty stores, and a proposed high school. The estate currently has a private high and  primary college , and a government primary school.

Madora Bay is bounded by the City of Rockingham boundary in the north, Fremantle Road in the east, Karinga Road in the south and the Indian Ocean in the west.

Madora Bay is a quiet beachside community and its pristine beach is a valued natural and recreational asset. Madora Bay has a history as a popular holiday destination , a place for walking, swimming, surfing, fishing . Parks, bushland and walking tracks are also important to the community for recreational, environmental and aesthetic reasons.

Mandurah is bounded by the Indian Ocean, Henson Street and Mandurah Terrace in the north, Fremantle Road in the east, Boundary Road and Pinjarra Road in the south and the Mandurah Estuary in the west.

Mandurah is the major retail centre with a range of restaurants, shopping, tourism operators and local businesses. Mandurah is now one of the top tourist destinations in Western Australia, with a performing arts centre of international standard, cinema complex, spectacular waterways, first class holiday accommodation and overall a proud community spirit.

Meadow Springs is bounded by the Mandjoogoordap Drive in the east, Gordon Road in the south and Fremantle Road in the west.

This suburb includes Meadow Springs Estate and golf course and was formed in 1988. Meadow Springs has a local shopping centre, two non-government schools and government primary school.

This suburb is so named because of the 'Parkland' development of the area (Farmlet development etc). The name was approved in 1990 and is mainly rural-residential. It borders the Serpentine River to the east and Mandurah Road to the west.

San Remo is one of those sought after suburbs on the northern beach side of Mandurah. The beach extends from the northern Wade Street groyne, where it is called Watersun Beach, due north for 4km, with the San Remo development occupying 3km of the shoreline. It also features Mandurah Surf Living Club.
The locality of Silver Sands is named after the ‘Silver Sands Estate’. Silver Sands has a local shopping centre, restaurants, tourist accommodation and resort, medical facilities and three kilometres of the best beach in Mandurah, and is close to the town centre and Mandurah Ocean Marina.

Wannanup is bounded by the Falcon suburb boundary in the north, Peel Inlet in the east, the Dawesville Channel in the south and the Indian Ocean in the west.

Wannaup for part of suburb previously approved as Florida. Florida became divided by the Dawesville Channel resulting renaming the northern area to Wannanup.