Local laws provide local government with the power to manage a broad range of issues within their district.

Local laws are made to meet local circumstances and needs, and assist local governments in promoting good governance for the people in their districts. 

What are Local Laws?

Local Laws are the subsidiary legislation made by Local Governments under delegated power granted by the:

  • Local Government Act 1995
  • Health Act 1911
  • and various other Acts.

Why have Local Laws?

Local Laws are developed and enforced to manage a broad range of issues within the City of Mandurah boundaries. Local Laws are created to meet local circumstances and needs and assist in promoting good governance for all people in the community.

Accountability for Local Laws

For more information on this aspect please contact Governance Services on 9550 3777.

Further information

The City of Mandurah gives local public notice of its intention to make a determination. A notice states if the City of Mandurah intends to make a determination and what the purpose and effect of the determination will be.

Members of the public are invited to make submissions in writing about a proposed determination within 21 days after the date of publication. Any submissions received will be given consideration and the City will decide whether to amend the proposed determination or not continue with the proposed determination.

Any questions regarding a proposed determination please contact Governance Services on 9550 3777.

Proposed Determination Notice


If you are interested in future made or amended Local Laws and would like to be kept up to date or make a submission relating to currently advertised Local Laws, please visit the Have your say Mandurah website and register to receive notifications.


Submissions on a proposed local law may be sent to the:

Chief Executive Officer
City of Mandurah
PO Box 210
MANDURAH   WA   6210



The proposed local laws are available for viewing at the City's Libraries, Mandurah, Falcon & Lakelands and at the main Administration Office.

Submission Closing Date:

No Proposed Local Laws 

What happens next?

Any submission received will be recorded and considered in a report to Council with any minor amendments to the local law.  If the Local Law is adopted by Council it will be in effective 14 days after the date of gazettal by the State Law Publisher in the Western Australian Government Gazette.



Current local laws

Animals Environment and Nuisance Local Law 2010 (PDF - 342.9KB)
Download PDF
Bush Fire Brigades Local Law 2010 (PDF - 313.2KB)
Download PDF
Cat Local Law 2019 (PDF - 3.3MB)
Download PDF
Cemeteries Local Law 2010 (PDF - 365.8KB)
Download PDF
Dog Local Law 2010 (PDF - 487.0KB)
Download PDF
Fencing Local Law 2015 (PDF - 284.9KB)
Download PDF
Health Local Law 1996 (PDF - 676.6KB)
Download PDF
Jetties Waterways and Marina Local Law 2010 (PDF - 368.2KB)
Download PDF
Local Government Property and Public Places Local Law 2016 (PDF - 804.9KB)
Download PDF
Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2015 (PDF - 410.8KB)
Download PDF
Standing Orders Local Law 2016 (PDF - 376.4KB)
Download PDF
Waste Management Local Law 2010 (PDF - 334.9KB)
Download PDF

Consolidated local laws

Blasting quarrying excavations consolidated local law (PDF - 127.1KB)
Download PDF
Buildings consolidated local law (PDF - 41.6KB)
Download PDF
Enforcement of local laws consolidated local law (PDF - 125.4KB)
Download PDF
General interpretation of local laws consolidated local law (PDF - 93.3KB)
Download PDF
Objections appeals misc consolidated local law (PDF - 51.6KB)
Download PDF
Revocation citation and application of local laws consolidated local law (PDF - 103.9KB)
Download PDF