There are many support services and organisations that can offer assistance to those in crisis. The City encourages those needing help to review our support guides and community directories to find appropriate help.

Homelessness Plan

The City, together with local providers (Anglicare WA, Calvary Youth Services, Mandurah Street Chaplains, Vinnies WA, Peel Connect, Peel Youth Services, Red Cross and West Aus. Crisis), have developed the sector-led Mandurah Homelessness & Street Presence Strategy 2021-2023. The strategy brings together planning and the integration of services in an approach to tackle the highly complex issue of Homelessness in our city.

View the Mandurah Homelessness and Street Presence Strategy

Emergency Relief Support

In consultation with local service providers the City has compiled a Mandurah emergency assistance and support guide

St Pat's Mandurah Assertive Outreach Service

The Mandurah Assertive Outreach Service commenced in September 2021. The service aims to assist vulnerable community members who are experiencing homelessness to access support locally.

If you know somebody who needs help please refer them to St Pat’s using the referral form or contact St Pat's Mandurah Office 6372 4816. Opening Hours- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 08:00 - 14:00.

View our homeless directory for more support services

Early Years and Families

Developing a strategic plan to address the needs of Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) and reducing the vulnerable domains of the AEDC data, including:

  • Physical Health and Wellbeing

  • Social Competence

  • Emotional Maturity

  • Language and Cognitive Skills

  • Communication Skills and General Knowledge 

Financial Stress

The COVID 19 Pandemic economic downturn is impacting many families and individuals who previously would not have found themselves in hardship. The City is coordinating with Emergency Relief Providers and Financial Support Organisations to plan for the ongoing and future impacts of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

For more information on emergency relief availability locally please see our online contact sheet.

Family Domestic Violence

The City developed an internal working group to Promote Equality and Prevent Violence. The group have established processes to building awareness regarding Family Domestic Violence (FDV) in the workplace and committed to implement prevention strategies aimed at the community. The City has made a pledge to Peel Says No To Violence for their commitment to prevent FDV in the Mandurah community. For more information regarding the City’s Pledge, please see link to Peel Says No To Violence website

View the Mandurah families support guide for additional assistance

The Family and Domestic Violence Peel Interagency Network (FDV-PIN) provides opportunities for organisations and service providers in the Mandurah and Peel Region to connect, share information and resources, identify trends and gaps, explore opportunities for collaboration and avoid duplication.

The Network will strengthen liaison between organisations, and enhance referral pathways and client access to services related to (but not exclusive of) family and domestic violence, gender based violence, sexual assault and abuse.

Helpful resources for more support

Mandurah Emergency Assistance and Support Guide (PDF - 80.1KB)
Download PDF
Mandurah Families Support Guide (PDF - 626.6KB)
Download PDF
Family Domestic Violence Community Directory (PDF - 44.8KB)
Download PDF
Youth support guide (PDF - 278.4KB)
Download PDF