The City of Mandurah's Environmental Health Services section aims to ensure the sale and supply of safe and suitable food to residents and visitors. Our focus is to work cooperatively with business operators to achieve the best possible food safety outcomes.

If you suspect a food product is below standard or food is not handled in a hygienic manner please:

  • retain any food
  • contact the City

If you have concerns about the standard of hygiene of a food premises within the City please complete and submit a Food Service Request.

Food businesses are put into risk levels of:

  • LOW – eg: residential kitchens, bed and breakfast. Inspected annually
  • MEDIUM – eg: commercial restaurant, take-away, café. Inspected bi-annually
  • HIGH – eg: child care centers, aged care facilities. Inspected bi-annually

Annual registration fees are determined according to risk.

Information for specific businesses and needs

For alfresco dining at your food business in an area that is not part of your property:
  • Complete an application for a licence to establish an eating area in streets and other public places 
  • A detailed map of requested area
  • A copy of the premises public liability insurance
  • Read the alfresco and outdoor dining guidelines. If your proposal does not comply with these please contact the City to discuss further.
Once approved you will receive your annual alfresco registration fee.
Download an ​application for a licence to establish an eating area

Bed and breakfasts are registered as a LOW risk food business and only permitted to prepare one meal (breakfast) per day.

Town planning will need to be sought to operate a bed and breakfast.

The approval process is the same as for all food businesses.

View the guidelines for preparing food in a bed and breakfast
  • Lodge a food business settlement enquiry with the city
  • You will receive a report outlining issues or outstanding improvement notices on the premises
  • Upon settlement complete a registration notification of a food business form
  • You will receive your annual pro-rata food registration fee and Food Act 2008 registration certificate
Download the registration notification of a food business form

Food prepared in a residential kitchen catering for no more than six children.

The approval process is the same as for all food businesses.

It is a legal responsibility that all food business operators ensure that staff working within their business have adequate food skills and knowledge. 

The City offers a free introduction to food safety training upon request or if it is deemed necessary. For more information please contact Health Services.

Other food safety training:
You will need approval from Planning and Building Services. Once this is obtained:

If you are constructing a mobile food van, please refer to the mobile food van guidelines.

View Food Business Guidelines for design, operation and construction
  • You will receive an approval to construct 
  • Once construction is complete, contact Health Services to arrange a final inspection
  • Complete a Registration Notification of a Food Business Form for assessment
  • Provide confirmation of food safety training or experience. A free on-line food safety training course – I’M ALERT is available. The city also offers free food safety training.
  • Once assessed and registration confirmed you will receive your annual food registration fee and Food Act 2008 registration certificate
Food prepared for sale at home is generally not supported however approval can still be sought provided:
  • foods are of a low risk eg: jams, sauces, other condiments and cakes (no cream)
  • the kitchen is clean and in good repair
The approval process is the same as for all food businesses. 
View the guidelines for preparing food in a residential kitchen
For either profit or non-profit events within the City:
  • Complete application for a temporary food stall (at least 14 days prior to the event)
  • For profit – pay the application fee
  • Existing food businesses (not in the city of Mandurah) – include a copy of your registration certificate
Temporary food stall information sheets and guides:

Helpful resources

Food safety service request (PDF - 31.5KB)
Download PDF
Alfresco dining and outdoor trading guidelines (PDF - 716.9KB)
Download PDF