Building Services are responsible for the assessment and approvals of building work.

A building permit is required for any building work, alterations or additions including:

  • Houses, granny flats, additions and alterations 
  • Patios, verandahs, gazebos, pergolas and decks
  • Sheds, garages, carports, workshops
  • Swimming pools, pool fencing, spas
  • Retaining walls
  • Shop fitouts, mezzanine floors, change of use (converting an office to a shop)
  • Commercial, industrial and public buildings (eg schools, gymnasium, meeting halls)
  • Demolition of domestic and commercial buildings 

Important information:
If the total value of the work exceeds $20,000 a permit can only be issued to a Registered Builder or an Owner Builder (excluding swimming pools and retaining walls).
If you would like to find out how to become an owner builder visit the Building Commission website.

Available from the Building Commission website:

Application forms and Notice of Completion forms

Information on building applications

When you apply for a building permit, you must consider whether to lodge a certified application or an uncertified application.


A certified application is where you engage a private building surveyor to complete a Certificate of Design Compliance before the application for a building permit can be submitted to the City. Building Permits for works to buildings of Class 2 to Class 9 (including alterations and additions) must be lodged as Certified Applications. Class 2 to Class 9 buildings include but are not limited to; shops, apartments, warehouses, offices, factories.

Important information: The City’s Building Services Section also provides a service for the issue of Certificate of Design Compliance. Contact Building Services for further information about this service.


An uncertified application is submitted directly to the City for assessment and issue of a building permit. Only buildings of Class 1 (houses) and Class 10 (eg. sheds, patios, retaining walls, pools)  can be lodged as "uncertified".

More information is available from the Government of WA Building and Energy website

The Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) provide the basis for the control of residential development throughout Western Australia. The R-Codes set out two paths to compliance:

  1. Demonstrating compliance with the Deemed To Comply criteria; or,
  2. Demonstrating compliance with the Design Principles criteria

If you are unable to comply with the Deemed to Comply criteria you may apply for a variation to the R-Codes using the application form below:

The application fee for a Codes application is based on the estimated cost of development and uses the Development Application fee schedule to calculate the fee payable:

For works up to $50,000 the fee is $147.00
For works between $50,001  - $500,000 the fee is 0.32% of the estimated cost of the development
For works between $500,000  - $2.5 million the fee is $1,700.00 + 0.257% for every $1.00 in excess of $500,000

Get more information on R-Codes from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Unauthorised building works are those that have been undertaken without the appropriate Building Permit. If you own a property that has unauthorised building work, then please refer to the "Unauthorised Building Work" information sheet.

Building work that requires a Building Permit includes:

  • Retaining walls greater than 500mm high.
  • Swimming pools and spas.
  • Office partitioning (excluding reusable prefabricated partitioning), shopfronts, fitouts.
  • Mezzanine floors.
  • Patios and carports.
  • Sheds and some water tanks.
  • Generally the construction or alteration of a building not exempted by the Building Regulations 2012

To determine what buildings have approval please contact the City's Customer Services team to arrange a search for all building approvals issued to that property. To get this information you must be the current owner of the property. A fee applies for this service. For further information Contact Customer Services on (08) 9550 3777.

A Demolition Permit is required for the removal of most buildings, except sheds, patios or the like up to 40m² in size. Buildings subject to an order agreement or permit under the Heritage Act always require a permit before works are undertaken. Demolition Permits are generally valid for 2 years.

To find out when registration is needed to undertake demolition works or locate a licenced demolition contractor please refer to Worksafe’s website.

Important note: when lodging a demolition permit application, you will also need to include a demolition permit declaration and asbestos checklist.

More demolition information is available on the Worksafe website

Caravan parks and park home parks are governed by the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Regulations 1997. Patios, en-suites, carports and the like are applied for using an application for building permit. Park Homes and Annexes must be applied for using the application form.

Download the park homes and annexes application form

The City can also offer the following services.

Please contact Building Services for further details.

Certificate of building compliance: A certificate of building compliance (CBC) is required in order to obtain:

  • an occupancy permit, other than an occupancy permit required for a completed building or an incomplete building for which a CCC would be required; 
  • an occupancy permit strata; or
  • a building approval certificate strata

Certificate of Construction Compliance: A certificate of construction compliance (CCC) is required in order to obtain an occupancy permit from the permit authority to occupy a newly completed Class 2 to Class 9 building or a newly completed part of the building eg addition to a building.

Certificate of Design Compliance: A certificate of design compliance (CDC) is required in order to obtain a building permit from the permit authority to construct a building or incidental structure. It is also required before an application for building permit can be lodged for a Class 2 to Class 9 building (apartment, office, shops, warehouse, etc).

Fee calculator

Work out your fees with the building permit fee calculator spreadsheet Download the calculator now

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