The WAPC is required to decide on subdivision applications within 90 days of an application being lodged as per the Planning and Development Act 2005. Within this 90-day statutory period, the City of Mandurah has 42 days to provide comments.

The City of Mandurah assesses applications based on Town Planning Scheme No 3 and relevant Outline Development Plans, Local Planning Policies and the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes).

Types of subdivision

A subdivision application may be:

  • Freehold (or ‘Green-Title’), where a parcel of land is privately owned in its own right and there isn't any shared land in common ownership; and
  • Survey-Strata, where a lot and associated common property are shown on a registered survey-strata plan. A survey-strata lot is a common form of strata that divides a property based on the land only and not by the buildings on a site. A survey-strata may, or may not, have common property (i.e. a common driveway), and like other forms of strata may also have by-laws and a strata company. 

Residential subdivision

For residential subdivision, the Residential Design Codes outline the minimum and average lot size requirements that need to be met based on the R-Code density that applies to the site.