Where can asbestos be found?

Asbestos cement was a commonly used building material in the 1970s used in materials including:

  • roofing 
  • fencing
  • exterior wall cladding 
  • backing material on floor tiles and vinyl flooring 
  • thermal boards around fireplaces

Following safety concerns, asbestos cement was phased out from 1981 with the manufacturing of asbestos ceasing in 1987.

Dangers exist using:

  • Power tools for cutting, drilling, grinding, sanding and sawing
  • High pressure water guns
  • Breaking or crushing

Important information:

  • Generally it is not possible to tell if a product is asbestos by looking at it
  • Laboratory analysis is required to confirm material as asbestos
  • Anything suspected to be asbestos should be treated as such
  • Left undisturbed, risk to health is extremely low

Note: Given the serious health problems this material can cause it is important that it is handled properly. It is recommended that a professional be employed to remove or handle asbestos.

If you believe that asbestos is not being handled correctly, please complete a service request form and submit to the City.