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Community programs and volunteering

Connect your community, support mental well-being and get to know your neighbours by embracing a local space.

Embrace a Space is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for community members to use in celebrating and caring for their important spaces. 

Mandurah is renowned for its beautiful waterways, charming plants and wildlife and relaxed, inviting lifestyle. Embrace a Space supports bringing local spaces to life, by providing a platform for community members to connect with nature and each other. Groups of interested residents will be supported through a process of establishing, developing and implementing an activity plan to successfully care for community spaces. 

If you're ready to embrace your local space then register as a contact person.

Download the Embrace a Space guide and template kit

This water-saving planting program is run by the City for local residents wishing to install waterwise verges. The Water Corporation’s sponsorship of this program supports the City to run annual workshops from May – August each year. 

The program’s timing allows residents to take advantage of the winter rains to give the new plants a better chance at establishing without the need for additional watering. 

Residents are encouraged to start preparing their lawns and verges as soon as possible (killing off existing lawn if needed), when they decide to transform their verges into waterwise verges, so their new verges can be installed as soon as possible after attending a workshop. At these workshops, residents will learn how to successfully transform verges into waterwise gardens. 

Eligibility for this program involves a two-way partnership between the City and the local resident, with each person doing their part (as detailed below):

Residents / participants must agree to the following:
  • Provide ‘Before’ photos of your verge prior to the makeover.
  • Prepare your verge for the new installation. This includes removing/spraying existing grass, installing any irrigation if needed.
  • Spread the mulch once provided by the City.
  • Plant seedlings and seeds that are supplied by the City.
  • Provide ‘After’ photos of your verge when mulch and plants are in.
  • Inform the City of your installation date / timeframe.
  • Maintain the verge after installation. Please note that irrigation and weed control supplies/materials are not provided by the City.
  • Ensure your verge is compliant with the City’s Verge Development Guidelines
The City of Mandurah’s role / duties:

The City will provide the following to participants towards the verge makeover:

  • Workshops for participants to learn about transforming their verges.
  • Approximately 20 native plants for your verge.
  • Garden trowel and gloves.
  • Voucher towards soil wetter or soil amendment.
  • Pack of seeds.
  • Mulch for your verge (delivered, but not spread). Mulch cannot be guaranteed to be weed/disease free. Accepting the mulch, it is at your own risk.
  • Guidelines including Waterwise Verge Guide  and Verge Development Guidelines

To participate in a future Waterwise Verge Makeover program, please register your interest below:

Register your Expression of Interest for the 2025 Program

Toss your old fishing gear in a Reel It In bin. You’ll see these bright yellow bins around the Mandurah waterways.

This program was started up in Perth by the State Government River Guardians. Some of our local groups, Mandurah Volunteer Dolphin Rescue and Estuary Guardians, then took on this initiative, implementing and caring for the bins around our estuary.

Check out the Reel It In page on the River Guardians website for bin locations. You can also volunteer to adopt a bin and help with maintaining them.

If you'd like to get involved in looking after a Real It In bin, get in touch with Mandurah Volunteer Dolphin Rescue or Estuary Guardians.

Visit the River Guardians - Reel It In website

Connect with the people and groups that care for Mandurah's environment with MEVA, a City-run volunteer network. You can make new contacts, access City officers and get support from other environmental volunteers.

MEVA operates in four key areas - water, wildlife, plants and people. Each of these areas encompasses different groups and projects.

Our City is home to 20 urban lakes dotted within our streets and parks. These lakes have many benefits in our environment including:

  • filtering stormwater
  • providing habitat and supporting biodiversity
  • acting as a refuge for wildlife in the hot, dry months.

They are also an important place for our community to gather and connect.

The Love our Urban Lakes community education program is a chance for our community to learn about our lakes, their challenges, and how to get involved. 

Download the Love our Lakes information booklet to learn more.

Local community groups

There are so many incredible environmental groups in Mandurah and they’re always looking for an extra pair of hands and fresh, new ideas.  

Use the list below to explore our local groups and get in touch with them if you’d like to know more. 

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