Litter and rubbish attracts pests such as rats, mice and seagulls as well as the spread of germs and disease.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is deliberate littering in streets, parks, building site bins, vacant land or into the bush. More serious forms occur when trailers and truck loads of items are dumped into isolated areas such as National Parks, bushland reserves, parks, industrial and building sites or even outside charity bins and shops and median strips.

People caught illegally dumping can be prosecuted under the Litter Act 1979 which attracts a minimum fine of $200 (maximum penalty $10,000 if taken to court).

Please report any littering or illegal dumping, (evidence of vehicle registration number must be supplied) to

City of Mandurah, Ranger Services on 9550 3777 or email


Litter affects our community and impacts on our environment and our health. It is a serious problem that must be managed

Litter can be:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Rubbish thrown from a moving vehicle or dropped by pedestrians
  • Building and household rubbish or green waste placed on street verges
  • Placing advertising materials on vehicle windscreens
  • Dumped trolleys
  • Improperly disposing of used syringes