They cover a range of areas from sports grounds and children's playgrounds, to bushland conservation and pocket parks.

Who are City Parks?

City Parks work covers:


Maintenance and service levels are varied depending on the reserve site, but generally includes:

  • Mowing and fertilizing turf areas within parks or active grounds 
  • Planting and maintenance of soft planting landscaped areas 
  • Rehabilitation planting within bushland and estuary or coastal foreshore reserves in accordance with adopted management plans 
  • Maintenance of play equipment and environments 
  • Maintenance of site furniture, including picnic facilities, seating, bike racks and drink fountains. 
  • Fencing 
  • Skate and BMX facilities 
  • Irrigation 

Irrigation of Parks and Reserves

Turf irrigation and landscaped areas are maintained regularly and includes reviewing and modifying irrigation to ensure water quality and availability within the reserve or locality.
The water source for the City's reserves is largely groundwater which the City operates under strict license conditions. These water sources differ greatly to domestic or home bore use. 

Developer Parks

As part of new developments, developers are responsible maintaining those parks and reserves newly completed within these areas for a period of three years.

Helpful documents

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