Health approvals are followed for the following types of businesses, due to their skin penetration component: 

  • beauty therapy
  • electrolysis 
  • acupuncture
  • body piercing or tattooing 

Health application process:
  • Planning Services approval (if required)
  • Building Services approval (if structural changes are required)
  • Complete an application for approval of plans of a health related premises
  • Attach a copy of the floor plan of the business
  • Provide specifications and details of all surfaces, fittings and equipment
  • Pay the relevant fee for the assessment of plans

Once complete, submit all paperwork to the City’s Health Services.


From the 4 June 2024 the existing Hairdressing Establishment Regulations 1972 will be repealed and instead hairdressers will need to comply with the Guideline for the management of public health risks associated with the hairdressing and barber industry.

Under these guidelines, there is no requirement for the City’s Health Services to approve or routinely inspect hairdressing establishments. Please note, this relates only to the City’s Health Services and you should contact and to determine any other approvals that may be required.