In May 2020, Council endorsed our historic $5mil Restart Mandurah economic stimulus package, focusing on reigniting Mandurah’s economy to counteract the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of our Restart Mandurah package, Council signed off on a commitment of $1million in industry and business grants over two years to attract and boost private investment and deliver projects with economic benefits to the local community.

The new Restart Mandurah Now – Industry and Business Incentive Scheme, aims to entice businesses and industry to mobilise and expand in Mandurah to support local job creation, industry diversification and business sustainability.

The three proposed funding streams for the program are:

  • Ready Now – Business Capability Fund
  • Grow & Invest Now – Investment Attraction Program
  • Activate Now – City Centre Business Incentive Program

Applications for round two are open and applications must be lodged by 31 May 2022 (or until funds are exhausted).

Table outlining the grant details for the different Restart Mandurah grant streams

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The overarching benefits of the program is to attract business and industry to mobilise and/or expand their businesses in Mandurah to ultimately reverse the negative impacts of the recent pandemic on Mandurah economy.

The program aims to address the following areas:

  • Unemployment
  • Local jobs
  • Industry diversity
  • Education and training
  • Attracting and retaining young people

Unique benefits of each funding stream:

  • Ready Now: Improving the number of local businesses that can participate as suppliers of goods, services and works to the City of Mandurah and the market in general.
  • Grow Now and Invest Now: Increasing investment in and development of Mandurah’s economy to diversify and grow Mandurah’s economy employment through jobs, industries and enterprise.
  • Activate Now: Increasing business investment in City Centre and improving the quality and scale of unique offerings to increase foot traffic and add vibrancy to the City Centre during the day and night.


In the 2019/20 financial year, we procured over $129m worth of goods, services and works from suppliers. Over the next 12 months there will once again be a significant amount of work across the business, which represents opportunities for local businesses.

To support local businesses to be best positioned to quote and/or tender for up and coming opportunities, this grant program targets the following activities:

  • Access to training
  • Support to write tenders and/or quotes to improve competitiveness
  • Equipment or PPE
  • Assistance to meet insurance requirements
  • Obtain permits, quality assurance and/or pre-qualification requirements


To better prepare local businesses to participate as suppliers of goods, services and works to the City of Mandurah.


To improve the competitiveness of local businesses to participate as suppliers of goods, services and works to the City of Mandurah and the market in general.


  • Improve local businesses capability and capacity to service the City
  • Overcome barriers and constraints to participate in servicing the City
  • Improving overall applicant competitiveness and preparedness to quote and/or tender with the City

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Need to speak to someone about Ready Now applications? 

Contact Natasa Perovec - 0419 772 929 or

Apply for Ready Now grants online


In 2018 over 2000 Mandurah residents created a shared vision for Mandurah. This vision is reflected in the new Mandurah Matters Strategic Community Plan 2020-2040 and identifies the economy as a key area of importance.

This program targets facilitating and leveraging private partnerships to achieve improved local economic outcomes with due consideration to environmental impacts.

The Grow Now program has two funding streams:

  • Grow Now
  • Invest Now (EOI)

Both streams’ objectives and criteria are the same, however the Invest Now EOIs are for larger projects with a value of over $50,000. 


To incentivise local economic investment, aimed at projects that attract beneficial industry and business opportunities to Mandurah.


To incentivise and attract investment and development of our local economy which provide and grow diversity of employment, industries and enterprise in Mandurah.


  • Attract business investment aimed at stimulating a sustainable economic growth
  • Increase sustainable local job creation and industry diversification
  • Improve business and industry involvement in building Mandurah’s entrepreneurial capacity and capability
  • Encourage business and industry involvement in achieving improved pathways to education and learning opportunities in Mandurah.

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Need to speak to someone about Grow Now applications?

Contact Natasa Perovec - 9550 3946 or

Apply for Grow Now grants online

The Activate Now grants have now closed. Information on future grant rounds or programs will be made available once it is confirmed.


A vibrant City Centre provides the services and facilities that businesses, customers, residents and visitors' demand. It creates jobs, attracts investment, generates income and is a key contributor towards economic growth.


To incentivise business investment towards the shared goal of a vibrant City Centre and support the growth of local businesses.

Projects under this program must demonstrate its ability to meet one or more of the below criteria:

  • Increase awareness of unique local precinct offerings and experiences
  • Increase footfall and measurable patronage and spend in local precincts
  • Diversify business offerings and programming at night
  • Increase quality and quantity of live music and performance programming
  • Grow business capability and capacity to deliver diverse offerings
  • Increase opportunities for the local creative industry to partner with City Centre precinct businesses


To attract and support vibrant, diverse and sustainable City Centre businesses.


To encourage the growth of:

  • The Day Tripper ‘offer’
  • The Night-time ‘offer’
  • Visitation numbers
  • Dwell time
  • Investment by business in public and private spaces
  • Attraction of unique businesses that add to a vibrant day and/or night City Centre experience

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The grant guidelines are available online.

Need to speak to someone about Activate Now applications? 

Contact Michelle Kite - 9550 3846 or 

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Grant documents

Ready Now Grant Guidelines (PDF - 230.2KB)
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Grow Now Grant Guidelines (PDF - 221.7KB)
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Activate Now Grant Guidelines (PDF - 322.6KB)
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