An evidence based program that focuses on educating people about suicide, challenging attitudes and teaching basic engagement, and suicide intervention skills.

About the Event

Informed by the latest research in suicide prevention, Wesley LifeForce has developed a comprehensive suite of suicide prevention training.  This training equips participants with the knowledge and skills to raise awareness of suicide in Australia, recognise signs of individuals at risk, and take appropriate action.  Effective interventions can make a real difference and save lives.  The programs are designed to train individuals from all walks of life, as well as organisational groups.

Thursday, March 21
Lakelands Library and Community Centre

Thursday, July 18
City of Mandurah Council Chambers

Wednesday, October 9
Falcon Library and Community Centre

Participants will have increased confidence in their ability to identify people who may be at risk of suicide, communicate effectively with a person in crisis, ask a person if they are considering suicide and conduct a suicide intervention.

Training will help you to:

  • understand risk and protective factors
  • how to identify the warning signs that someone may be at risk of suicide
  • how to ask directly about suicide intent
  • understand what local and national support and resources are available to support a person at risk

The workshop will be delivered by Wesley LifeForce in partnership with the City of Mandurah.

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Thu, 18 July 2024 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
83 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210
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Wed, 9 October 2024 09:00 AM - 01:30 PM
Corner Flavia Street and Cobblers Road, Falcon WA 6210




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