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Library Membership

You can become a member of Mandurah Libraries by bringing in a document that shows your current permanent address. For members under the age of 18, a parent or guardian's signature is needed.

If you wish to place a reservation on an item or access e-resources you can complete an interim online membership. You will have to visit the library to show your I.D. and collect your membership card within four weeks. You will be given an interim membership number which you can use when you are reserving items or accessing e-resources.

Mandurah Libraries has six types of memberships:

  1. Adult memberships for people over the age of 18
  2. Young adult memberships for people between the ages of 13 and 17
  3. Junior memberships for children from birth to 12 years
  4. Bulk loans for schools and childcare centres
  5. Home library service memberships for people who are housebound 
  6. Book club memberships

Borrow items

Borrow up to 20 items - including up to 10 DVDs and 10 CDs. All items are available to borrow for four weeks except for Magazines, DVDs, and children's puzzles which can be borrowed for two weeks. 

Items available for loan:

  • Adult literacy material
  • Audio books on CD, MP3 and Play-Away
  • Books in languages other than English 
  • CDs and DVDs (limit of 10 at one time)
  • Discovery Backpacks with books, toys and activities on different themes
  • eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines
  • Fiction and nonfiction books for adults and children
  • Graphic novels for adults and young adults
  • Indigenous collection
  • Large print books 
  • Local history collection
  • Magazines 
  • Make with Me kits with a picture book and activity 
  • Parenting information collection 
  • Play with Me kits with toys, games and puzzles to take home and enjoy as a family
  • Share with Me pop-up books

Computer Access

You can use your library card and PIN to logon to the public computers for up to two hours per day at Mandurah Library, Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre, and Lakelands Library and Community Centre. The public computers have internet access, Microsoft Word and Excel.

You can print from the public computers at Mandurah Library, Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre, and Lakelands Library and Community Centre. 

Public Computers

You can use your library card and PIN to logon to the public computers for up to two hours per day at Mandurah Library, Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre, and Lakelands Library and Community Centre. The public computers have internet access, Microsoft Word and Excel.


Mandurah has free citywide WiFi. Access the WiFi at the libraries by selecting Mandurah WiFi on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Printing and photocopying

You can print from the public computers, or photocopy at Mandurah Library, Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre, and Lakelands Library and Community Centre. 


Black and white A4 - $0.50
Black and white A3 - $1.00
Colour A4 - $2.20
Colour A3 - $3.30


You can scan documents and save them to a thumb drive or email them at Mandurah Library, Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre, and Lakelands Library and Community Centre. Scanning is free.


Review our full fees and charges list

A place to create, inspire, learn and share. 

Mandurah Libraries are City of Mandurah funded facilities, which provide social, recreational and support services for all members of the community.

The mission of the Library is one of promoting lifelong learning for the community by providing learning, social and recreational opportunities.

The Code of Conduct applies to every Library member, Council members, committee members, volunteers, visitors and employees of the City of Mandurah.

  1. We will treat each other with respect, integrity, honesty, dignity, justice, equity, fairness and empathy. 
  2. We will treat Library property, belongings and space with respect and fairness. 
  3. We will be patient with each other; as some people have health issues and varying abilities which may affect their behaviour. 
  4. We are all here to have fun, socialise and learn. 
  5. We will respect each other’s differences, dress, culture and religion.

Loan Conditions

  1. In accordance with the Library Board of Western Australia Act 1951 – Library Board (Registered Public Libraries) Regulations 1985, the City of Mandurah Libraries shall be a free public library service and no charges shall be made for such a service other than levied through the municipal rate. Fines for overdue loans, charges for lost or damaged stock and charges for non-core library services are not classified as charges for service.
  2. An individual person, family or organisation may apply for membership, provided that the applicant is able to meet with, or supply, specified requirements. Documented proof of current permanent address, including the name and address of the person, family or organisation, must be provided before a membership application will be accepted.
  3. An application from a person under 18 years must be signed by a parent or guarantor who will accept financial responsibility for items borrowed, and any fines incurred from the library. A guarantor must be a responsible person over the age of 18. 
  4. A parent or guardian, who signs an application form for a person under the age of 18, accepts responsibility for supervising that person’s use of the library and the items borrowed.
  5. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by a parent or guardian when they are in the library.
  6. The number of items that may be borrowed is subject to limits, as determined by the Coordinator Library Services.
  7. A charge will be made for a replacement library membership card, due to loss or damage of the original card. The amount of the charge, is determined by the City of Mandurah, and is shown in the Schedule of Fees and Charges.
  8. Lost or stolen cards should be reported to Mandurah Libraries immediately to avoid unauthorised use. Until it is reported, you are responsible for anything that is borrowed on your card. Stolen cards will be replaced free of charge upon producing a police report number. 
  9. Where an item which is part of City of Mandurah library stock is not returned after notice requesting its return has been given, is lost whilst on loan to a registered borrower or after being returned is found to be damaged, the member who borrowed the item may be required by the City of Mandurah Library:
  10. to pay the cost of replacement of the item as determined by the City of Mandurah libraries with the concurrence of the State Library of Western Australia, and if the item is one volume of a set and it is impracticable to replace that volume, to pay the cost of replacement of the whole work;
  11. to compensate the City of Mandurah libraries for the loss or damage sustained; or
  12. to pay an overdue fine for late return of items.
  13. If a member refuses to pay the cost of replacement of overdue or damaged library items and associated fines, or refuses to return the overdue items to the library, the member may have their membership  suspended until all amounts due are paid and/or all overdue items are returned to the library. Where a guarantor of a child registered as a junior or young adult member, refuses to pay the replacement cost of overdue or damaged library items and any fines in the name of the child, or refuses to return the overdue items to the library, the child and the parent or guarantor may have their registrations suspended until all amounts due are paid or all overdue items returned to the library. The City of Mandurah does not accept responsibility for possible damage to library patron’s equipment caused by DVDs or CDs. Any organisation within the City of Mandurah being an association, society, educational institution, business or any department or agency of the Government of the State or Commonwealth may make application to borrow items from the library which are required for the official business of the organisation. The enrollment application must be signed by an officer of the organisation who will accept financial responsibility for items borrowed from the library, and any fines incurred from the library.

Online Services 

  1. Free internet and computer access is provided by Mandurah Libraries . Charges apply for printing.
  2. The City of Mandurah applies filters to public Internet computers but does not guarantee their effectiveness. As with other library material parents or guardians are responsible for a child’s use of the Internet.
  3. Web-based email accounts can be accessed through library computers, but downloading of videos  and music may be restricted.
  4. Data may be saved to removable disks or other storage devices, but the library does not check for viruses and make no assurances about the integrity of data.
  5. It is the responsibility of the member to familiarise themselves with relevant copyright legislation to enable them to use online and other resources appropriately.
  6. Members using on-line services within the library must not access, transmit or obtain possession of objectionable material, or make such material available to a minor. Objectionable material is that which may be construed as obscene, sexual, racist, discriminatory, harassing or illegal.
  7. Tampering with, or circumvention of computer files, output or software, or unauthorised modification of computer programs or procedures is not permitted.
  8. The City of Mandurah has no control over the information accessed via the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its contents.
  9. The City of Mandurah reserves the right to withdraw or prohibit use of on-line facilities without notice or reason, for any contravention of the conditions of use.
  10. The Community Finder database is not available for commercial organisations to promote their activities unless they are addressing an important community need.
  11. The Library respects users’ rights to privacy but will comply with law enforcement agencies that issue warrants to inspect our electronic systems and logs.
  12. It is the responsibility of the library member  to book in for use of a computer and adhere to the time allotted to them. Members may use the computers for a maximum of 120 minutes per day. 

Notices, advertising and displays

  1. Notices for display on community notice boards must be submitted to library staff before being displayed. Items that will not be displayed include:
  2. Notices advertising goods or services where the only benefit is personal or corporate gain
  3. Petitions
  4. Political or religious material that is not part of the library collection
  5. Displays may be presented in the library by community groups, provided that:

    Permission is given by Coordinator Library Services The display presents a balanced view of the subject The display is not promoting a business Arts and crafts displays must only include the name and telephone number of the artist

Home Delivery

  1. Home delivery of library materials is provided to members who because of frailty, ill health or disability, are unable to visit the library. Members who want to receive this service must provide an appropriate medical certificate or referral from a health or welfare agency.

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