Mandurah Museum offers school programs at the Museum, Hall’s Cottage and Christ’s Church. The programs provide students with the opportunity to interact with museum objects, participate in the past through unique experiences as well as engage with local history.

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday - Friday: 10am-3pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Excursions are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  

School program types

Teachers can select the following activities to complete a half day or full day excursion.

Complete the online booking form to arrange an excursion or incursions or contact the Education Officer on 9550 3682 or email

Please read Planning Your Visit before booking your excursion.  

Facilitated Program

The Education Officer begins by taking the students through the Museum explaining each of the galleries and what life in Mandurah was like in the past.

The students then split into five or six groups depending on the number of students and adults. Each group will require one adult supervisor to assist them with the activities. The activities are hands-on and allow the students the opportunity to handle a range of old-fashioned household, teaching and play items.

Duration: Approximately 75 minutes

Cost: Gold coin donation 

Mandurah Heritage Walk

Discover some of Mandurah’s historical sites within the CBD. Listen to memorable local stories about these sites.

As part of the Mandurah Heritage Walk the guide can arrange a 15 minute tour of Christ’s Church including a talk from the Parish Priest and the opportunity to see the building from the inside.

Duration: One hour

Mandurah Historical Society

The Education Officer can arrange for the Historical Society to open Hall’s Cottage. The society runs a program which includes scrubbing on washboards and butter churning or biscuit making.

Duration: One hour

Cost: $2.50 per student  (adults are free) 

Mandurah’s early settlement

The Education Officer is  available for incursions to speak to the students about Mandurah’s early settlement.

Duration: One hour
Cost: Free

Loan boxes

A variety of boxes are available for loan from Mandurah Museum. These include games from the past, household items, past school days and a washing kit.
Please contact the Education Officer on 9550 3682 or email to arrange the loan of an education box.

Duration: Two weeks
Cost: Free 

Other resources for loan

  • Mandurah - 'Fishing Village to Holiday Resort': PowerPoint of photos, oral histories, activities
  • Mandurah - 'Spanning the Ages' A digital history of Mandurah
  • Barragup Yarns - 'An Indigenous History Film Project'
  • Photographs Past and Present
The Education Officer takes requests from teachers to provide them with resources that will support their school programs. Please contact the Education Officer to discuss this.

Duration: Two weeks
Cost: Free 

Mandurah Children's Map

The Children’s Map of Mandurah gives children in grades 4-7 an historical overview of the place in which they live. A copy of the map is available free from the Museum.

The map focuses on the National Curriculum. It examines ‘Time, Continuity and Change’ by identifying existing heritage buildings in inner city Mandurah, and changes which have occurred to the natural landscape over the years. 

Information on our local environment including the waterways, migrating birds and animals are featured in the text and illustrations. Noongar language and the locations of some traditional campsites have also been included wherever possible on the map, giving an overview of the richness of cultural heritage in the Peel Region for Primary School Children. 

Accompanying the map is a student booklet that has a variety of activities for students to complete about Mandurah’s built, natural and cultural heritage.

Teachers' Idea Bank 

This is a collection of resources for teachers interested in incorporating Museum resources into their lessons. 

• Photo study
• Interrogate an object
• Object analysis
• What is a museum