Planning Approvals

Why do I need planning approval?

The purpose for planning approval is to ensure that development:

  • is an appropriate use on the property according to its zoning;
  • has no negative impact upon an area or location
  • has no negative impact upon other landowners and occupants of nearby properties. 

Applying for Planning Approval

The City requires a completed application form to be put in with any application for Planning Approval. The application form outlines what information must be provided. Other written information that you think would help in the consideration of the application should also be provided.

For residential developments, a Codes Approval Application Form should be lodged to the City for assessing variations to the Residential Design Codes. Any Codes Approval Application is to show and explain the proposed variations to the Residential Design Codes.

Fees and Charges

The fees the City charge for various services are outlined in the Planning and Development Fees information sheet.

To pay via credit card, please complete a credit card authorisation form and submit it with your application.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) does not apply to:

  • Development applications
  • Subdivision clearances
  • Home occupations
  • Change of use 
  • Issue of zoning certificates

GST does apply to:

  • Property settlement questionnaires 
  • Written planning advice
  • Scheme amendments
  • Structure plans
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