Learn to Swim Stages

Our Learn to Swim program is based on age and ability. Our focus is on developing skills and correct technique in all strokes with an emphasis on water safety and survival.

Brother and sister wrapped in towels, happy little girl in a robe after swimming in the pool, happy toddler wrapped in a hooded towel

Winter is the perfect time for kids to learn to swim

When the weather cools down, we usually spend less time swimming for fun in backyard pools and at the beach. But this is the perfect time to enhance your swimming skills!

  • Learn and improve swimming skills during the time of year when you're swimming less, so you're ready for summer
  • Swimming is a great compliment to other sports, it strengthens and stretches out muscles and helps your body to recover after strenuous activity
  • Swimming is a great cardio workout for a healthy heart and increases your lung capacity
  • Maintain swimming skills and confidence year round

Our new aquatic facilities are climate controlled so the air is warm and our learn to swim pool is 31 degrees. Still, don't forget to take a warm shower and wrap up in warm clothes after your lessons! 

Water safety is a year-round concern, ensure your family has the skills to swim and survive. Keeping up our skills in winter is our best defense against drowning.

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