Water Conservation

How can I save water?

Saving our water to meet future demand is ever more important, as our state experiences the effects of a drying climate, reduced rainfall and  increased population. To find out how to save water, rebates, watering days and other useful water tips visit the Water Corporation website.   

Groundwater Management

Groundwater is water found below the earth’s surface and is stored in the cracks and spaces in soil, sand and rocks. Most groundwater comes from rain that has soaked through the ground and has gathered over many thousands of years.

Groundwater is a very important resource in Western Australia and maintaining Mandurah’s 240 parks and reserves is serious business for the City of Mandurah. 

Managing groundwater is crucial to protecting the environment and is vital to preserving our beautiful city for generations to come. Mismanagement of groundwater will affect our ability to provide quality public open space areas for the community and puts a strain on ecosystems such as wetlands and springs.

The Department of Water is responsible for determining how much groundwater we can safely extract without causing harm to the environment.

What is the City is doing to Manage Groundwater?

The City of Mandurah has developed a Water Conservation Plan and a Groundwater Operating Strategy to help improve groundwater management.

The City has undertaken an inventory of its groundwater assets and has begun extensive monitoring of groundwater extraction and water quality. A number of strategies have been developed to enable the City to manage its groundwater use. These include:

  • Installation of meters on bores 
  • Monitoring groundwater use 
  • Hydrozoning – the setup of irrigation to allow for different zones of a park or reserve to receive different amounts of water based on their type of use and turf requirements.
  • Use of alternative water sources such as treated wastewater 

Irrigation of Parks and Reserves

As we look to sustainable ways of watering our open spaces and protecting our environment you may notice that some areas of grass are not as green as they used to be.

Irrigation of turf and landscaped areas within reserves and public open spaces are maintained regularly and includes reviewing and modifying the irrigation to manage the water quality and availability. The water source for the City’s reserves and public open space is mainly groundwater.

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