City Mayor

The Mayor is the leader of the Council and has a number of roles which are both legislative and functional. The legislative requirements are outlined in Section 73 of the Local Government Act 1989.

The Act states that the Mayor not only takes precedence at all municipal proceedings within the municipality but must also take the chair at all meetings of the Council at which he or she is present.

The Mayor’s role, however, extends well beyond officiating at council meetings or other municipal proceedings. Additional important roles are providing leadership, promoting positive relationships, and modelling good governance.

Mayor Marina Vergone was elected as the Mayor of the City of Mandurah in October 2013, following two years of service on the Mandurah Council.

Mayor Vergone is a long-time Mandurah resident with her husband Phil and three sons. 

She is an experienced businesswoman and qualified practicing accountant of more than 25 years, including over 12 years as a public accountant in Mandurah, and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mayor Vergone currently sits on a number of boards and committees including Chair of the Peel Regional Leaders Forum, Audit and Risk Committee, Reconciliation Action Plan Steering Group, South West Regional Road Group, WALGA Peel Country Zone, Chair of the Waste Management Alliance Board, Deputy WALGA State Council and the Peel Region Planning Committee.

As Mayor, she is committed to improving economic and business development, creating employment opportunities and caring for Mandurah’s waterways and environment for its protection and conservation whilst being sustainable in the approach.

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